Insights to Better Mentoring

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Mentoring is critical in today's organizations, but how do you learn to be a better mentor? What about the people being mentored - the mentees? How can they maximize the benefits of the time they invest? "Insights to Better Mentoring" is an educational video that presents four successful mentors and their mentees in a revealing and insightful exposé of what works best in these complex but essential relationships.

"Insights to Better Mentoring" will explore effective mentoring with the help of a senior executive at Costco Wholesale, the Chief Information Officer at Lockheed Martin Space Systems Co., a Fire Chief and a Superior Court Judge. This diverse and fascinating collection of mentors and their mentees will demonstrate the 4 Pillars of effective mentoring and provide insights that will improve any mentoring relationship in any organization.

Mentoring comes in a variety of styles, shapes and colors. Some organizations have structured programs that pair mentors and mentees and set out an agenda for them. Others have less formal approaches, facilitating and supporting mentoring relationships but not defining them. Regardless of the way mentoring is structured, there are certain fundamentals that will make these relationships more effective. That is what we seek to explore in Insights to Better Mentoring.

Product Includes: 26 minute video or DVD available in English or Spanish, a comprehensive facilitation package which includes a facilitator's guide, PowerPoint slides, reproducible handouts and program transcripts.

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