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The effort to build a kinder, more supportive workplace is a high priority for many businesses. This harassment training video moves past the corporate messaging and fluff talk and gets right down to business, offering insights from seven real-life employees working in a variety of industries. These motivational individuals speak directly to respect and harassment, including the various types and how these issues affect the average workplace, according to their own experiences.

This entertaining and honest look at the universal experiences shared by employees across industries ultimately calls on each individual to recognize that working together and focusing on mutual respect builds a safe, productive workplace, which benefits everyone. The video also includes a non-threatening opinion survey that allows employees to visualize their current practices and actions, as well as instructs them on how to move forward with teamwork and respect at the forefront of their actions.

Key Points

  • Insightful stories and ideas from real-life employees
  • Useful training tools and surveys
  • Clear representation of legal facts
  • Optional “I Understand” form following completion of training
  • Harassment Prevention Made Simple
  • Harassment Prevention Made Simple for Managers
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