If Looks Could Kill

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If Looks Could Kill is presented to help front line employees learn how their behaviors can impact customer’s attitudes and opinions. When used properly, this valuable tool can lead to new sales and long term customers!

How staff handle customers or colleagues will dictate the success or failure of the interaction. This program presents a detective case with a heavy dose of humor. The viewer sees how careless communication leads to a tragic end. A customer was drive to distraction thanks to careless behavior at a doctor’s office, the local shoe shop, post office – event he station! We follow the investigation as the detective follows the trail to learn how each suspect’s behavior led to his untimely demise!

If Looks Could Kill shows how behavior breeds behavior, that behavior is a choice and how behavior can help transactions. The presentation is lighthearted but also manages to convey key issues in a way that’s professional, easy to understand and down to earth. 

If Looks Could Kill will:

  • View engaging, realistic customer service scenarios
  • Review a structured analysis of employee front line behavior
  • Treat audiences to a program written by behavior expert Dr. Peter Honey

Please Note: This program can only be shipped to addresses in the United States due to contractual restrictions.

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