I'd Like a Word With You

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All jobs have performance and behavior standards. Unfortunately some people consistency miss the mark and fall short. This creates a gap in performance that requires a remedy. When these situations happen, a face-to-face meeting is required to discuss the issue and find solutions that work.

I’d Like a Word with You shows how a poorly handled performance interview can cause severe damage. Bad behavior from management and leaders giving the interview can further undermine productivity and lead to rifts between them and the people they manage. What’s even worse is that sometimes the situation can escalate into an expensive and time consuming lawsuit.

Managers can learn how to increase morale, encourage teamwork and grow productivity through an emphasis of improvement. By helping employees find better ways to do their jobs, each manager illustrates the pitfalls as well as the bridges that can be built to get the employee up to speed and eliminate poor performance. Many important topics are covered, including emotional responses, jumping to conclusions and fact checking. The correct methods are shown in follow up scenes that reveal the proper way to conduct the interview and monitor progress.

In I’d Like a Word with You, viewers learn:

  • How to establish a performance gap
  • The importance of fact checking and standards
  • How to document poor performance
  • Explore possible reasons for the performance gap
  • How to present open ended questions and listen
  • How to eliminate poor performance issues

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