I Wasn't Prepared For That

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30 minutes
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I Wasn’t Prepared for That is designed to give staff the confidence and skills they need to prepare and give strong presentations. 

This presentation shows the struggles of a young executive as she finds out that she is required to give a report to the board – in person! She prepares on her own and gives a practice run only to discover that she isn’t as prepared as she should be. A colleague provides valuable information to help her deliver a successful presentation.

Many important tips and methods are provided, including how to relax, feel and act confident and how to approach the daunting task methodically. A series of easy steps are outlined including Position, Options and Proposal. In the end she applies these techniques and gives a wildly successful presentation. She later discovers that it’s important to learn how to adapt a presentation for each new audience.

I Wasn’t Prepared for That will:

  • Show first time presenters how to prepare and give successful presentations
  • Show that anyone can look like a natural at the podium
  • Explain how to effectively communicate even complex ideas
  • How to adapt a presentation for each new audience

Please note: This program is under contractual restrictions and cannot be shipped to locations outside of the United States.

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