How Was Your Day? Getting Real about Bias, Inclusion, Harassment and Bullying

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In this new video course, 7 different employees talk about their experiences in the workplace on the topics of harassment, diversity, bullying and bias.  The course has a down to earth, real world feel which allows the viewer to connect to the content in a personal way.  This eye-opening and entertaining program will help your staff focus on respecting co-workers and building a more productive, tolerant and inclusive workforce.


Key Points


With increasing concerns about respect in the workplace, this must-see program is especially relevant for organizations and their employees. It tackles four of today’s most challenging training topics in a way that only Media Partners can—through great stories and captivating content


 “How was your day?” is a standard question posed at the end of the work day.  Rather than a stock employee response, “How Was Your Day?” uses memorable scenarios that inspire employees to openly discuss the often-avoided difficult topics and recognize their workplace responsibilities regarding:


  1. Overcoming unconscious bias
  2. Embracing diversity and inclusion
  3. Stopping harassment
  4. Standing up to bullying


While this program is sold as one DVD or course, the 4 sections allow it to be used as 4 separate training sessions.  Each module stands on it's own.  In addition, the video uses a diverse cast of employees that almost anyone in the workplace will find relatable.


Some of the topics covered in the course:


  • The definition of nconscious bias and strategies to overcome it.
  • The differences between diversity and inclusion.
  • The “Rebuttal Brain” – How to shut the urge to rebut others.
  • Using the W.E.T. test to make the workplace more inclusive.
  • The definition of hostile work environment harassment.
  • How to combat the tactics of control used by bullies.


The film’s accompanying Leader's Guide and PowerPoint presentation provide an assortment of assessments and activities to augment and simplify the trainer’s job. The "Practical Answers to Tough Questions" Employee Handbook, offered in both print and digital formats, supplies a valuable resource that takes the guesswork, and some of the discomfort, out of tackling these difficult topics.


  • Employees from the real world give examples and stories from their own experiences.
  • Surveys and training aids with phenomenal success rates.
  • Legal coverage of the videos topics.
  • Optional form to agree with the course topics.
  • Great Minds on Respect, Tolerance and Diversity
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