How to Lose Customers Without Really Trying

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How to Lose Customers without Really Trying is designed to make sure that those who deal with customers know the basic techniques for achieving excellent customer satisfaction.

This customer service focused program demonstrates the core guidelines for keeping a customer happy and satisfied. The information provided is shown as it is applied in different situations, from service to retail checkout, sales and the reception desk. 

Each scene is realistic and shows how staff resorts to negative attacking behavior. Behavior that is superior, patronizing, defensive or otherwise negative or aggressive can have a severe impact on sales. Even ignoring customers can turn into dissatisfaction and lost patrons. This program shows each technique in an entertaining, interesting way featuring a familiar face or two including the famous Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry.

Each scene shows the key do’s and don’ts of taking care of customers. The viewer will find how to uncover the real need behind the customer’s request, how to agree on solutions with a customer and how to see each situation through to a satisfactory conclusion.

How to Lose Customers without Really Trying will:

  • Show front line staff how to properly handle customers
  • Display humorous scenes based on real life scenarios
  • Reveal the key points needed for role-play and discussion

Please note: How to Lose Customers without Really Trying can only be shipped to addresses in the USA due to contractual restrictions.

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