How Debt Makes Companies Perform Better Stanford Executive Brief with George G.C. Parker

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Program Highlights

  • How inept financial practices can make even the best companies fail.
  • What makes a balance sheet too strong for its own good.
  • Why you need to leverage your assets and get your capital into play.

No longer considered a passive part of the management equation, corporate finance is now at the forefront of the tools that successful business leaders must employ. Effective financial strategies help create value and contribute to economic efficiency, productivity and profitability. Explaining the balance sheet in straightforward, logical terms, Dr. Parker shows investors and managers alike how to look at the big picture when weighing risks against opportunities.

George G.C. Parker is a Professor of Finance and Management at Stanford, and is the author of "Risk Management: Problems and Solutions." He is featured in the award-winning Stanford Video Guide to Financial Statements, also available from Kantola Productions.

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