Hiring the Best!

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This classic interviewing training program uses humor to show the steps to conducting a successful interviewing.  Join Byron, a clueless manager, as he learns the proper techniques to use before, during and after an interview.

Hiring The Best provides a systematic way for a manager to focus on what's really important before, during and after the selection interview. This way the manager can determine, with a high degree of accuracy, how successful the candidate will be in a particular situation. The video uses humor by bouncing between the bumbling efforts of one manager and the highly prepared and organized efforts of another.

The ability to hire the right person for the job, any job, is one of the most valuable skills a manager can have--unfortunately, it's also one of the least understood! Watch as this classic interviewing video teaches your people the value of the selection interview. Pat Cashman, the host of the TV Talk Show, interviews two managers, Bryon and Leslie, who specialize in interviewing.

However, by going over their recent interviews, we quickly learn that Byron's interviewing skills are not all they should be. Pat and Leslie help guide Byron through the steps of the successful selection interview, so that he too can Hire the Best! Humorous, fast-paced, and above all, educational, Hiring the Best will teach your organization the three steps of the process:

1. Preparing for the Interview

  • Defining the Job.
  • Identifying the job skills needed.
  • Developing interview questions.

2. Conducting the Interview

  • Reviewing the candidate's resume.
  • Putting the candidate at ease.
  • Effective questioning with best/worst situational questions.
  • Keeping the interview on track.
  • Concluding the interview.

3. The Post Interview

  • Summarizing the interview.
  • Reviewing your interview notes.
  • Evaluating the candidate.
  • Rating your own performance.
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