Customer Service

There is perhaps no other industry fraught with such emotion and complexities as healthcare, no matter what specific area of practice you’re in. These emotions and complexities make providing stellar customer service incredibly difficult: the family of a child fighting cancer will require different service than an adult undergoing surgery. Equipping your staff to deal with these circumstances with care and efficiency is essential to running your office and to caring for your patients. Our healthcare customer service training videos address the intricacies associated with this field, providing your staff and management with the tools that they need to provide compassionate, helpful customer service.

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One of the biggest factors affecting customer service in healthcare is time: every patient has different needs, schedules, appointments, and health issues. Our videos instruct on how to provide service based on the schedule of the patient, from speeding up lab results to providing a “face” that each patient can turn to, rather than creating the industrial-like feeling of a service line. Another common issue is employee burnout; when dealing with patients day-in and day-out, it is easy for customer service to falter. With the right tools and a close focus on employee morale, you can avoid this issue, ensuring that the patients receive the service they deserve and need from employees who are eager and excited to do their jobs.


In the healthcare industry, there is rarely a singular customer service department. Every member of your staff, from janitors to billing personnel and doctors, comes in contact with your customers. Our healthcare customer service videos ensure that anyone who works in the vicinity of patients is equipped to provide compassionate, effective service, whether it’s simply directions to the nurses’ station from a janitor or a description of a procedure by healthcare staff.

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