He Said, She Said: An Interactive Sexual Harassment Workshop

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He Said, She Said: An Interactive Sexual Harassment Workshop - 26 minutes

HE SAID, SHE SAID has been designed to help employees evaluate their own conduct as it relates to sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior at work. Seven interactive scenarios use riveting performances and twisting plot lines to subtly challenge employees' beliefs and perceptions. As employees progress through each scenario they first hear from the alleged victim as they present their view of the events in question. The DVD pauses and employees are asked to come to an initial conclusion. Discussions follow, which allow conflicting points of view to be aired and explored. Then as the scenario continues, employees are forced to explore for the facts and read between the lines as they hear from the alleged harasser and witnesses. In the end it becomes apparent that sometimes our bias, perceptions and behaviors may need to be re-evaluated.

The interactive design allows trainers and/or learners to choose the style and pace of learning that best meets their needs:

  • Choose Workplace Setting - Office, Industrial, Healthcare or Retail/Service available on every DVD
  • Choose Auto-Pause - Pauses after questions to provoke discussion and probe learners' beliefs.
  • Choose With or Without Expert Opinion - Listen to the commentary or lead the discussion yourself.

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