Harassment Is... Retail Version

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This film uses scenarios plucked from the retail setting to train your employees how to handle harassment, what to do if they witness it, if they become a victim of it themselves, and how to refrain from becoming the perpetrators of harassment.


Harassment has taken on a whole new face in the digital age. Jokes and inappropriate comments, stereotyping, hostility (in word or deed), or even simple, inappropriate comments, are all harassment, but it goes way beyond that now to include cyber bullying, sexting, etc. It’s also important to know the subtleties involved in any of the previous forms because such harassment is not always easy to spot. This is the purpose of the training – to teach employees how to recognize when another person is being harassed.


Managers and supervisors who don’t take proper measures to prevent or handle office harassment become liable for litigation. This training program will increase the awareness of your managers regarding harassment and will teach them how to foster a respectful workplace for members of their team. Scenarios are based on live portrayals of different types of harassment, and are accompanied by an on-camera presenter whose additional content and insight are key to comprehending the material.


Key Training Points

  • Defines and outlines harassment in its various types and forms.
  • Explains devastating nature of harassment
  • Models the prevention of harassment
  • Explains appropriate response when receiving an allegation of harassment
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