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Healthcare employees spend a major portion of their lives at work.  As an employer, it is your responsibility to take care of the quality of their workplace experiences. With increasing awareness, it is pertinent that all your employees are equipped with the knowledge to identify the types of harassment and take measures to eliminate it from your organization.


Harassment can be disguised as jokes; negative stereotyping, hostile acts and simple thoughtless comments. Harassment based on sexual context, race, color, ethnicity, age, gender and disability etc are punishable by law. But the final outcomes on the effected employees remain the same. It can cause severe emotional stress which they may not be able to cope with. It lowers employee morale and reduces work productivity and comes with high costs of legal liability.


Our training program is designed to increase awareness among employees about workplace harassment and explore the actions and inactions that are needed to create an amiable workplace for everyone.  Real life scenarios are shown to increase understanding and retention. It will help your employees learn about:

  • Defination of harassment
  • Types of harassment
  • Awareness about the negative impact of harassment
  • Guidelines for prevention of harassment
  • Steps to be taken after witnessing or facing harassment
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