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Any organization, but especially a government organization, needs to recognize the destructive force of workplace harassment. Too many times in the past, government offices have found themselves criticized harshly in the public media for allowing harassment to continue unchecked. 

This harassment prevention video program is specifically designed for use in government organizations. With it, you can teach your department and organization to recognize and prevent harassment, and furthermore, to refrain from it themselves.

Harassment has different nuances now. Sexual harassment is no longer the only concern. Bullying, digital/cyber harassment involving Sexting or Verbal Abuse, inappropriate jokes and comments, continual stereotyping, hostility of any kind are all deemed harassment.

Harassment based on race, color, national origin, religion, gender, disability, age, sexual orientation and other protected characteristics are against Federal Law. It makes managers, supervisors, other co-workers, and fair to say, the company itself subject to legal liability.

More than legalities, harassment causes grave mental and emotional stress, lowers morale and reduces productivity. 

This harassment training program will make your managers much more aware of subtle harassment issues, as well as teach them how to foster a respectful workplace for your employees.

In this DVD, scenarios based on live portrayals of different types of harassment are done in tandem with an on-camera host who enhances the understanding and retaining of this critical information with his own expert and intuitive content. 

Key Training Points

  • Defines and Explains Harassment & Its Various Faces
  • Explains Harassment in a Digital Environment
  • Gives Practical Guidelines for Prevention
  • Teaches Managers How to Respond Effectively
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