Harassment for Managers: A New Look

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For Managers to follow policy and take action toward possible harassment between employees, the important thing is for the Manager to be able to understand what actually comprises harassment in today’s laws. Times have changed, and so has the definition of harassment. Much of it is subtle and has taken recent forms which no longer fit traditional understandings of the concept. 

Without this knowledge, managers who ignore signs of harassment among the people they supervise may find themselves ultimately embroiled in litigation. ”Harassment for Managers: A New Look,” deals with bullying, digital harassment and other contemporary concerns. 

The film also shows how Managers can and should identify and prevent harassment among the workforce, and how to effectively respond to inappropriate behaviors. This video employs vivid re-enactments to demonstrate various scenarios and solutions.

The film, along with its comprehensive compliance guide, covers the following key training points.

Key Training Points:

  • How to Deal with Quid Pro Quo
  • Dealing with TEA (Actual Adverse Effect)
  • Knowing a Hostile Work Environment When You See One
  • The Effect  & Prevention of Bullying and Digital Harassment on the Workforce
  • Handling Inappropriate Humor, Tangential Harassment and Age-Discrimination
  • Red Flags
  • Manager Responsibilities And Obligations
  • Policy Communication & Training
  • Handling Complaints Quickly, Seriously and Effectively
  • Fair & Timely Investigations Fairly
  • Protocol for Interviewing both Victim & Alleged Perpetrator
  • Policy Enforcement
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