Harassment & Diversity: Respecting Differences Series - Employee & Manager Version

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Employee Version:

Harassment in the workplace affects the morale and productivity of the individual as well as the company as a whole.  Tolerance of inappropriate remarks or intimidation, whether based on differences of sex, sexual orientation, race, ethnic origins, nationality, age, disabilities, etc., tear at the fabric of fairness, equal treatment, and the ability to succeed within an organization.  This sense of fairness is the basis for laws pertaining to harassment in the work environment.

The Employee Version of this training video focuses on situational interactions among fictional employees, illustrating commonplace attitudes and behaviors that become revelatory when analyzed objectively.  This includes “harmless joking” at an employee’s expense, demonstrating how such insensitivity can lead to legal trouble.

Hosted by attorneys Bruce Sarchet and Kevin O’Neill, this video is sure to generate a lively discussion among its viewers.

Key Learning Points:

  • The importance of establishing and enforcing a company harassment prevention policy
  • When an innocent remark can cross the line and become harassment
  • Why the perception, not the intent, of remarks and behavior define harassment
  • Proper procedures for filing a complaint of harassment
  • Promoting acceptable behaviors in the work environment

Manager Version:

Managers have the unenviable task of playing “parent” to subordinates’ interactions.  While no one wishes to make the work environment a humorless, joyless place, the manager oftentimes is called upon to assume the role of referee, cautioning and counseling employees when behavior could potentially lean toward harassment.

Attorney Bruce Sachet hosts this training program for managers, outlining their role and responsibilities in keeping the workplace a positive, respectful and harassment-free environment.  Managers are provided with the legal definitions of harassment.

Key Learning Points:

  • Cultivating an appreciation for workplace diversity
  • Defining what constitutes harassment
  • Steps to take when a harassment complaint is received
  • How to spot conditions that generate harassment and how to recognize it
  • Establishing and enforcing effective anti-harassment policies
  • Investigating harassment claims and determining appropriate disciplinary measures
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