Happiness Matters: Creating a Culture for Business to Thrive Stanford Business Brief with Tony Hsieh

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Many people underestimate the power of happiness in business. Is it possible to create a business model that’s based on happiness? Customers who are happy are much more likely to remain loyal. If you can give consumers happiness with superb service that’s provided by employees who are inspired and engaged, then it is possible to achieve this goal.

Zappos.com advisor and investor Tony Hsieh explains how his company nurtures its unique corporate culture. It all begins with hiring and keeping employees who are committed to the company’s core values. According to Hsieh, the right culture will allow everything else to fall naturally into place. That includes building a business that will endure.

Hsieh motivates employees using the principals of positive psychology. There are four main elements required for long lasting happiness. These include giving meaning to each employee’s work, recognizing progress, establishing a sense of control and encouraging connectedness with customers, coworkers and business partners.

Happiness Matters features an informative introduction presented by CEO of DeliveringHappiness.com Jenn Lim. The program also discusses:

  • How to discover creative and innovative ways to align an organization with its core values
  • How to use the “wow effect” as a powerful marketing strategy
  • How inspiring employees will naturally foster motivation within a corporation
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