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Groupthink is a phenomenon that involves individuals seeking a unanimous agreement despite the existence of contrary facts that point to a different outcome. This video program by the same name is the most definitive on this important topic.

This is an updated version of the original Groupthink program. The update was made because of a demand for the film and recognition of the constantly increasing need for good decision making in groups. This video offers a service to anyone who wants to work towards a positive future through understanding and enhanced group decision making. We see group dynamics and related behaviors that can signal a possible pitfall that could be avoided. When the symptoms are understood, the viewer can learn how to find solutions that work.  The video even shows how Groupthink may have brought about the Challenger disaster. Forever change the way your team processes and builds consensuses with the help of Groupthink.

Using the Space Shuttle Challenger storyline and other real life incidents, this video explores this potentially damaging habit. We discover the eight symptoms and how to avoid Groupthink all together. 

  • The Abilene Paradox 2nd Edition
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