Good Boss, Bad Boss: How to Master the Art of Leadership Stanford Executive Brief with Robert Sutton

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A good boss must be self-obsessed, but not because they have big ego. Those who excel in their positions do so because they understand the opinions of those under them and what it’s like for employees to work in their company. This is not always easy to do. People in positions of power often focus on their individual needs instead of the needs of those around them. They also believe that their positive influence is stronger than it really is. Professor Robert Sutton reveals that, after peer-reviewed research and case studies, leaders who are really in tune all share five characteristics.

The good boss is “perfectly assertive.” That means they are aware of how others react to them and adjust accordingly. This allows them to know when to back off or push harder. They also possess an attitude of wisdom, precariously skirting the border with overconfidence.  This is balanced by a healthy amount of humility and self-doubt. Their preferred strategy uses small wins instead of big achievements. This means taking a large, intimidating goal and breaking it down into manageable portions. The good boss also acts as a shield, coming between their employees and harm, indignities and distractions.

Sutton is a professor of organizational behavior at the Stanford Graduate School of Business and also serves as co-director of its Customer-Focused Innovation Executive Program. He has written a number of books including the similarly named Good Boss, Bad Boss. This presentation will equip viewers with:

  • The ability to see from the perspective of those under them
  • A better understanding of what makes a good boss
  • Clear characteristics that strengthen leadership and make a boss better
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