Going to a Meeting Series hosted by John Cleese

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Our Going to a Meeting series is an informative two part program featuring the ever-popular host, John Cleese! This series focuses on the importance of each attendee’s role in meetings and how to make the most of the time spent together.

Meetings are often considered a waste of time, and that’s usually because those attending don’t make the most of the minutes they spend in one room. This series is based on a meeting of middle managers working in a large hospital. In “Messing Up a Meeting”, we see how Jeremy prepares to go to his regular meeting. However for Jeremy, preparing doesn’t actually involve any real prep work. He grabs a few papers, shows up late and considers himself ready.

The second program includes “Meeting Menaces”. This engaging and insightful presentation showcases five brief segments, each introduced by Mr. Cleese.  Each shows how negative colleague behavior can slow or even stop meetings from getting positive results. In this program, Jeremy doesn’t manage to reel in the menaces’ poor behavior and winds up with a meeting that is really just a farce. 

Please note:  Both Going to a Meeting programs are available separately. This product is under contractual restrictions which only permits us to ship it to addresses in the United States.

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