Going to a Meeting: Messing Up a Meeting

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Our Going to a Meeting series is a must-see for organizations that hold regular meetings. This two part series shows the importance of participation and reveals bad meeting behavior and how to deal with it. 

In Messing Up a Meeting, we observe the meeting antics of a handful of middle managers at a hospital. The program focuses on participant Jeremy who seems to break all the laws of polite and proper meeting etiquette. He doesn’t bother to prepare beyond grabbing some papers and showing up late.

This series is narrated by the one and only John Cleese, who tries to warn Jeremy about his shortcomings. Jeremy doesn’t listen because he is in a hurry. As expected, the meeting is a total disaster and when he returns, Cleese explain what he should have done correctly. When Jeremy applies these methods, he has a much more positive outcome from his next meeting.

This isn’t the end of Jeremy’s issues. He angers the chair by talking when he has nothing to contribute and doesn’t stick with the agenda. Next, Jeremy gets into an intense argument with a colleague by showing his disagreement the wrong way. Both incidents are reviewed by Cleese, who shows what Jeremy should have done to get results while being courteous, relaxed and straightforward.

Messing Up a Meeting reveals:

  • Common meeting mishaps and mistakes
  • How to properly prepare for meetings
  • How to not look like a fool in front of your peers and/or boss
  • How to stay on task and to the point
  • How to prepare for a meeting
  • How to use questions instead of contradiction
  • How to listen better and be respectful to others

Please note: Due to contractual obligations, Messing Up a Meeting can only be shipped to customers located in the USA.

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