Goal Setting Techniques That Work with Warren Greshes

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Goal setting is constantly touted as the number one most important first step in achieving success, yet so few of us ever get around to doing it. Warren Greshes is the host of this high-energy, content-heavy goal setting video seminar.  He will show you how to take the guesswork out of goal-setting and send you on his time-tested path to success.  You will learn how to set goals correctly so that you have a much better chance of achieving them, how motivate yourself when the going gets touch and how to clarify your vision so you know where you are headed.

Warren Greshes is a member of the speaker’s hall of fame who worked his way up from salesman to CEO in only 8 years at a major garment company in New York City.  By the time he was done he had tripled the company’s sales.  Warren now travels the world as one of the foremost speakers on goal setting.  Now, you can have access to his lifetime of knowledge with this new seminar on DVD.

Main Training Points:

  • Always write your goals down and why.
  • How to stay inspired every day!
  • The technique needed to develop a five year plan.
  • How to say positive during the process of reaching your goal.
  • How to distinguish what is possible versus what is realistic.
  • And more.
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