Give 'em the PICKLE!

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Give em the Pickle is the World's best-selling video on customer service!  Motivate your employees to reach customer service greatness.  Bob Farrell, the funny, energetic founder of Farrell's Ice Cream Parlors is the host of this hilarious and inspiring trip through the basics of customer service.


Farrell demanded an exceptional level of customer service from his employees and called it Give em the Pickle. Early in Bob's career as a restauranteur, he received a letter from a customer. The customer was very disappointed that when she had asked for an extra pickle with her meal, she had been charged for it. Bob Farrell promptly sent the woman an apology and a new battle cry was formed, "Give em the Pickle!"


The Give em the Pickle video is our number one selling customer service video!


Farrell defines pickles as those extra special things you can do to make the customer happy. It may be walking a customer to an item they're looking for rather than just pointing. Or maybe it's a handwritten "thank you" note in every order shipped. The trick is figuring out what your customers want, then making sure they get it, that's the "pickle".


Give em the Pickle has quickly become the number one customer service program on the market.

Give em the Pickle Focuses on four things:

  • Service: Pride in serving others is paramount.  Service is a noble profession - take pride in it.
  • Attitude: The attitude you present to your customers is your choice. The way that you think about your customers is how you will treat them.  
  • Consistency: If your customers loved what they experienced the first time, they will come back.  Elevate your service standards to the highest level.
  • Teamwork: Commit to teamwork; look for ways to make each other look good.

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