Several hazardous labeling systems developed with different symbols and ways the information was depicted caused OSHA to implement the Globally Harmonized System. If your organization requires GHS training, our GHS training videos are the ideal solution. The GHS system was developed by the United Nations in conjunction with many international organizations to improve the hazard identification process. Because of the new policies, your employees need updated training standards. Our GHS safety training videos were created specifically to assist facilities in complying with the employee training requirements of OSHA's newly adopted GHS regulations.

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The GHS is essentially the same as the OSHA Hazard Communication Standard as it pertains to the importance of training workers, but there are several nuances with GHS. The system stresses the critical importance of reading and interpreting container labels by becoming fluent in the label system. In addition, training is required when a new chemical is introduced into their job site that they will come into contact with or work close by. Our videos focus on vital GHS topics including: Material Safety Data Sheets and GHS Safety Data Sheets, Materials and their hazards, Hazardous materials emergencies, and Handling hazardous materials.

GHS labels will make the process of identifying hazards simpler and more compatible internationally. The system will ensure that every worker in your organization is safer and healthier, leading to reduced hazard communication mishaps. Begin your GHS safety training today - use our professionally produced Globally Harmonized System safety training videos - and prevent hazard-related mishaps in the workplace!

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