Getting the Best from Others Stanford Business Brief with Doug Harris

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Even managers with good intentions often miss the most important concepts when trying to bring out the best in the people they oversee. Rather than offending an employee and dealing with possible negativity, they instead choose to say nothing rather than give honest feedback. This process will greatly reduce an employee’s potential. In other situations, incentives are offered that are not meaningful to employees and attempts at encouragement makes staff feel alienated.

Doug Harris has gained a deep understanding of what is needed to start a health dialogue and set boundaries for debate. He shares his steps for coping with managing biases, achieving awareness and the idea of “doing unto others as they want to be done unto.” Harris stress the importance of expanding networks and delving into cultural events. By introducing different individuals to the process, unique questions are brought forth. This will inspire innovation, stronger solutions and create an empowered and involved staff.

Harris started his illustrious career with Proctor & Gamble. He worked as employee relation specialist, sales professional and sales trainer. He was also founder of the executive search firm Samuel Roberts & Associates. In Getting the Best from Others, Harris discusses:

  • How to grow more comfortable with necessary discomfort
  • Why we can’t see how we are privileged but others can
  • How to let celebration replace guilt, fear and self-righteous attitudes
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