Getting Results in the Face of Rapid Change Stanford Business Brief with Bruce Cryer

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The impact of job stress is immense in the United States. In the U.S. economy alone, approximately $200 billion is lost each year in direct expenditures that result from job stress. Organizations who implement change can experience productivity losses of as much as 75%. That’s a significant amount of potential profit that could greatly impact an organization’s ability to achieve its goals and be successful.

In Getting Results in the Face of Rapid Change, viewers will learn how to reduce the impact stress has on an organization. This can have a profoundly positive impact on employee retention, morale, creativity, innovation and customer satisfaction. With the guidance of Bruce Cryer, audiences will find that the process should involve managers and the employees they oversee.  These methods will help organizations inject positivity into the average workday and apply care and compassion when dealing with coworkers. The lessons learned also apply to how we handle ourselves and our families outside of the workplace.

Cryer remains focused on establishing a workplace that is effective and coherent. He has shared insight with businesses all over the globe and co-authored the book From Chaos to Coherence: The Power of Change Performance. With more than 20 years’ worth of business management, human performance and organizational change experience, Cryer will show audiences:

  • How stress can negatively impact an organization and take away its edge
  • Why learning relaxation methods is only part of the whole solution
  • How to regulate emotion rather than falling victim to it
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