Getting Ahead by Getting Along: People Skills for the Workplace

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Told in flashbacks to workplace situations as well as childhood experiences, this workplace communication training video dramatizes conflicts that occur commonly on the job, and reminds us of solutions we all learned at home for getting along with others.

Join Emmy winning narrator Ross Shafer as he shows us how it takes effort to get along with everybody at work. Basing his ideas on the premise that the "people skills" we developed while growing up can help us as adults in the workplace, he presents problems and solutions that will strike a chord for viewers.

The following rules are demonstrated:

  • Truth builds trust.
  • Competence wins respect.
  • Don't take criticism personally.
  • Collaborate and compromise.
  • Honor different work methods.
  • Support your coworkers.

An atmosphere of tension can add stress to any job, over and above the actual work itself. Use this workplace communication training video to ease strife, improve communication, and inspire viewers to "work well with others."

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