Gen Y Decoded: Insights and Tactics for Leaders Stanford Business Brief with Kit Yarrow

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Today’s youthful workforce is not the same as the workforce of the past.  Two key forces have influenced their upbringing, making them a whole new breed of employee. Many are very self-confident and accustom to receiving attention. This is also the first generation to grow up alongside modern technology. They have learned to work quickly and expect results just as fast.

These traits in the workplace can make younger employees seem more demanding and, at times, disrespectful of those who have authority over them. In some cases, organizations must cope with the “roaring tiger” who possesses an oversized sense of entitlement.

The best way to deal with the change in workforce is to adjust the way managers communicate with employees as well as their expectations. In Gen Y Decoded, Dr. Kit Yarrow discusses how to manage this generation effectively. He stresses putting context and relevance on their work. Frequent individual feedback is a must as well as recognition for unique talents.

Creative practices will help stave off boredom and encourage productivity. This is also the best way to keep your strongest workers away from any “roaring tigers” that may be prowling among them.  With the expert advice of Kit Yarrow, viewers will:

  • Discover the difference between today’s workforce and the workforce of the past
  • Learn powerful methods to help inspire, guide and encourage productivity from Generation Y
  • Share tips for becoming a stronger leader within a changing workforce
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