From No To Yes

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It’s sometimes difficult to convince others that your idea or suggestion is worthwhile. Some people feel like they are running into a brick wall over and over. What they don’t realize is that in some cases, they may unwittingly be helping to reconstruct that wall so their ideas, suggestions or comments are not heard.

It isn’t enough to just know that you are correct. Trying to aggressively force others to accept your opinions is usually not the best way to get them to agree. No one is going to listen to you if you aren’t willing to return the favor and listen to them.

From No to Yes shows Robert Lindsay as Martin, a man learning the subtle methods of negotiation from his doctor. She explain why it’s vital to listen actively, how to win a hearing and work towards a mutually beneficial solution. By shifting his attitude and applying these negotiating techniques, Martin manages to achieve his goal and also lower his stress levels! He finds that the path to agreement doesn’t have to be an agonizing one when you apply these methods.

In From No to Yes, viewers will learn:

  • How to get people to open up and listen
  • How to nurture an unhurried atmosphere
  • How to praise and encourage others
  • How to listen and probe
  • How to face up to the real problem
  • How to stick to the facts only
  • How to invite self-appraisal
  • How to agree on a plan of action
  • How to work with a structured plan

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