Four Generations: The Greatest Potential

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This training video, “The Four Generations: The Greatest Potential” is designed to do more than bridge the generation gap, it’s purpose is to promote real understanding and cooperation across the generations. 

It is not uncommon to find workplaces with employees spanning four generations. However, without proper understanding among all, the disparate outlook of these generations may result in clash and conflict which can impair morale and productivity. 

The truth is that these varied generational outlooks can contribute to the greatest potential if harnessed and directed in the right manner. But the first task in creating that is for everyone to be able to understand the way the different generations look at things and why they see things as they do. Through this training, they can learn to respect each generation’s values and to forge productive working relationships.

The video is based on live portrayals of various scenarios of conflict between the generations which consist of Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Gen X’rs, and Gen Y’rs and those things which and lead to heated arguments, and ultimately take its toll on morale, and ultimately, productivity. Your own teams will see various types of conflicts addressed, have an opportunity for discussion, and watch the solution which ends the video with the four generations coming to a better understanding and resolving their earlier differences.

Four objectives of the Four Generations video:

  • To learn to understand and empathize with co-workers from other generations
  • To find resolution to conflicts and communication problems
  • To earn how to improve teamwork and to become a more productive workplace
  • To learn to respect, embrace, and value the talents and input from other generations
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  • Great Minds on Respect, Tolerance and Diversity
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