Finding Untapped Growth in Existing Markets Stanford Executive Brief with James Hollingshead, PhD

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Managers in today’s businesses often feel the unrelenting pressure to expand. It can be very difficult to establish new avenues for growth within an existing system. Growth is available in almost every industry. As long as companies figure out how to find it the right way, they can reach their growth goals.

Winning a marketplace starts with understanding customer behavior and which will make the business money (or cause it to lose money). Next, it’s vital to segment customer groups. Breaking down a large group like this allows a company to explain behaviors and find real customers that will nurture growth.

With this information, a company can identify what drives behaviors as well as what prevents them so they can determine how to influence the behavior they want to encourage. Market efforts must hone in on specifics. In Finding Untapped Growth in Existing Markets, Dr. Jim Hollingshead shares his insight into these elements and supplies methods for viewing existing markets in a new, profitable way. Businesses can use this approach to discover hidden opportunities for expansion.

Dr. Hollingshead is leader of strategic marketing at the Monitor Group. He also led their offices in London and Istanbul before traveling to San Francisco. Dr. Hollingshead graduated from Stanford University and earned an MA and PhD at the University of California, Berkeley. With the guidance of Dr. Hollingshead, viewers will:

  • Learn how to segment customers by their behavior rather than attitudes or beliefs
  • Discover how to build customer profiles that will explain targeted behaviors
  • Find out how to put together a map that can be used to expand into new markets
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