Fear of Feedback Stanford Executive Brief with Myra Strober & Jay Jackman

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Feedback can be extremely value to employees and leaders. Unfortunately there is an ongoing conspiracy of silence that seems to stop the free flow of feedback. Feedback allows subordinates to learn how to improve performance while leaders and managers can find ways to improve their abilities. A lack of feedback leads to a downward spiral which can bring on denial, procrastination, brooding, confusion, blame, jealousy and self-sabotage. These factors reduce the ability for an organization to reach its fullest potential.

In Fear of Feedback, Dr. Jay Jackman and Dr. Myra Strober outline a road map for traveling away from fear, anger and negative feelings to make a move towards positive open communication. The process encompasses four clear steps that allow you to actively pursue feedback. Learn how to give feedback in a way that allows you to feel in control and comfortable, regardless of whether the message is good or bad.

Dr. Jackman earned a BA at Columbia University, an MD at Harvard Medical School and JD at the University of California Hastings College of the Law. Dr. Strober earned a BS in industrial and labor relations at Cornell University as well as an economics MA at Tufts University and a PhD at MIT. Both bring extensive knowledge and experience to the table which teaches viewers:

  • How to open up the lines of communication and nurture feedback
  • The influence power can have on giving and receiving feedback within an organization
  • Why employees should seek out feedback rather than attempting to guess what’s needed
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