Eye of the Storm Featuring Jane Elliott

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In 1968, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated, marking the end of the life of a man who was dedicated to bringing equality to everyone in the United States. Rocked by the death of the civil rights leader, a teacher named Jane Elliott felt compelled to take action and try to teach the students at her all-white school a powerful lesson about racism.

Elliott began by separating her third grade students into two groups: a group of blue-eyed kids and a group of brown-eyed kids. She then began to say stereotypical, negative things about the brown-eyed children, calling them stupid, lazy and other derogatory terms. The blue-eyed children sat smugly in the classroom, but the next day, Elliott turned the tables on them, saying she made a mistake and the blue-eyed children were the inferior ones.

The Eye of the Storm chronicles Jane Elliott's experiment, the lessons it taught her students and the lessons it has to teach us today.

What They'll Learn

  • How feelings of superiority become engrained in those who are intolerant and prejudiced
  • The way that people can be mistreated due to things that they cannot control, such as their race, gender, age or sexual orientation
  • The effects that prejudice, both subtle and overt, can have on others
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