Executing Your Strategy: How to Break It Down and Get It Done with Raymond Levitt

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Markets move fast these days. It’s not easy to keep up with global supply chains, evolving technologies and many other stress-inducing factors. Executing a strategy has become more difficult because of these factors. How can an organization aim for targets if they are always changing position, even while the organization is stuck on a platform that’s destabilized?

In Executing Your Strategy, Professor Raymond Levitt explains how to cope with these conditions. He places an emphasis on aligning an organization’s culture and structure with its strategy. Business failures brought on by product value differentiation that goes against core organizational strengths are discussed as well as how this situation makes companies invest much in projects that can’t meet marketplace demands or may quickly become outdated prior to release.

Professor Levitt’s expertise comes from his significant experience in business. He is the Director of Stanford’s Collaboratory for Research on Global Products and also serves as Academic Director of the Stanford Advanced Project Management executive program. Executing Your Strategy will reveal:

  • The critical nature of measureable near-term objectives when planning strategies
  • The importance of responsiveness after a successful execution in an ever-changing world
  • How strategy alignment and execution is a never ending discipline
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