Executing Leadership Transitions: Strategies and Practice Stanford Executive Brief with Scott McNealy

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Co-founder of Sun Microsystems Scott McNealy believes that strong leaders are not created. Instead, they are identified from the crowd. Even someone who is a natural born leader requires exposure to reach their fullest potential. Opportunity to prove themselves through challenges that hone leadership skills and give them the wisdom they need to improve are needed. This is why coaching is such an important tool within an organization. With the right motivation and mentoring, an employee or an entire team will excel. This can have a powerful impact on the organization, strengthening it and increasing effectiveness.

In Executing Leadership Transitions, McNealy discusses how to improve your personal leadership strengths. After successfully completing a leadership transition strategy at Sun Microsystems, McNealy shares reliable methods that give companies the ability to identify and groom leaders within their organization. An emphasis is placed on proper evaluation with a focus on integrity rather than just ability. This allows for the separation of the “prima donna” leader before they can cause issues within the organization.

McNealy goes even further by offering up a game plan that can be employed to prepare leaders and inspire the next generation to step up within all levels of a company.  The conversation covers many things an organization needs to build a strong network of leaders within its infrastructure. With decades of experience under his belt, McNealy shares:

  • Why having fun should be part of your organization
  • The value of someone who is the “obvious number two”
  • How having a cause can overshadow having an enemy
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