Exceptional Thinking with John Eliot

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Video Length
75 minutes
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From the earliest moment of our lives we have been taught to abhor failure.  It’s a taboo that we must avoid at all costs.  This new video seminar with Dr. John Eliot throws all of that out the window.  Successful people don’t fear failure, pressure or obstacles, they embrace them and use them to push themselves to the next level.  Dr. Eliot has spent much of his life interviewing people that have obtained greatness and now his wisdom is available for your organization!

John Eliot, Ph.D., is one of the most sought after speakers in the world.  His thought-provoking style will inspire any audience to take a second look at how they feel about success and the means to achieve it.  Dr. Eliot has spoken at organizations such as Goldman Sachs, the Mayo Clinic and NASA and now he is available for your organization in this new seminar on DVD.

Main Training Points:

  • Failure is a stepping stone on the way to success, so don’t stress over it.
  • If you can’t control it, don’t think about it.
  • Inspiring you to perform at the top-level.
  • How to develop a mindset of trust.
  • How to get phenomenal results from extraordinary thinking.
  • And much more.
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