Even Eagles Need a Push with David McNally

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Imagine what your organization could do if more people were committed to making their best contribution.

Even Eagles Need a Push poignantly shares strong, helpful messages about dealing the critical issues of being in control of your life and work--even when things around us seem out of control. Through personal experience and anecdotes, David McNally outlines a strategy to evaluate what the true purpose of the enterprise is and to align that purpose to all its endeavors. It illustrates five qualities of confident, empowered people: self-appreciation, vision, purpose, commitment, and contribution using powerful personal stories and historical film footage.

David McNally compares some of our lives and by extension, the policies and procedures in our organizations to a barnacle-laden hull of a boat, covered with layers of false beliefs. As long as these false beliefs are firmly held and never challenged, it is difficult to forge the correct strategy for dealing with the difficult and critical issues in today's workplace. The common denominator among successful people and organizations is commitment and determination.

Even Eagles Need a Push enlightens us to the power of removing limiting beliefs to create the future we desire and move forward with courage.

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