Ethics: The LOGIC of Right

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Today, ethics are of vital importance. Nearly every person knows one or more stories of companies and careers destroyed by unchecked, unethical behavior. People do not feel safe in an environment where “anything goes.” Whether it’s a co-worker in the next cubicle, a supervisor, a manager or beyond, unethical behavior erodes morale and impacts productivity.

Often one feels at a loss to know how to handle the situation, even when in the middle of it. “Ethics, the Logic of Right” educates your employees on various ways to handle ethical decision-making in the workplace. Handling it in the right manner precludes the disasters which follow poor ethical decisions.

In this video, employees are guided to understand the benefits of an ethical work environment and how to handle a less-than-ethical environment through a series of realistic scenarios in which an ethical dilemma is presented. At the end of each scene, the question of “what would you do in this situation?” is posed, allowing for group discussion. Throughout the presentation, laws governing ethical behaviors are highlighted, and solutions are demonstrated through the acronym: LOGIC.

L – Laws. Look for laws and regulations governing the situation.
O – Organization. Find guidance in your Organization’s own Code of Conduct.
G – Guidance. Get someone else’s perspective on the situation.
I – Investigate. Consider the options, thinking through to a logical conclusion.
C – Check. Find your comfort level in the situation.

This program gives your employees comprehensive training which will empower them by  providing them with the tools they need to make ethical decisions for themselves and the company which will ultimately have a decided effect on morale and productivity in your organization.

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