Ethics Is A Competitive Advantage with Dr. Marianne Jennings

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Are ethics outmoded in business today? Not if you want to succeed. There’s this old saying, “Nice guys finish last.” Don’t make the mistake of thinking that applies to business as well. Dr. Marianne Jennings discusses the hows and whys of ethical organizations succeeding well beyond their less ethical counterparts.

By using examples from the business world, Dr. Jennings, a business ethics expert who has conducted extensive research in the field, demonstrates the competitive advantage of ethics in the marketplace.

Key Training Points:

  • The High Cost of Ethical Lapses
  • Ethics & Regulatory Relationships: Purchase Trust
  • Using Data to Avoid Unpleasant Surprises
  • Sustainability: Using Loopholes and “Gray Areas” are not Sustainable Business
  • What is a Gray Area Anyway?
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