Ethics 4 Everyone

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Every day we see issues and incidents related to corporate accountability and integrity in the news. Ethics 4 Everyone provides a refresher for professional ethics. The video covers everything from ethnic jokes and insider trading to taking office supplies home.

Renowned ethicist and author of the Walk the Talk book series Eric Harvey narrates. The lessons presented in Ethics 4 Everyone have assisted over 84% of Fortune magazine Most Admired Companies transform values into value added results.

We observe the cause and effect of responsibility at all levels, from the individual the whole way up the corporation. Do-able solutions are presented, including methods for making decisions that will generate a more ethical response to issues.

Find out what many of the world’s respected public and private sector organizations have discovered about long term organization viability. This important training program will discuss:

3 R’s of Ethics: Respect, Responsibility & Results

  • Tactful ways to say no
  • The right way to manage conflict
  • Walking the “ethics” talk
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