Ethical Intelligence: Five Principles for Making the Right Decisions Every Time with Bruce Weinstein, PhD

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60 minutes
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We have all heard about emotional intelligence, but how about ethical intelligence? Dr. Bruce Weinstein shows us how cultivating your ethical intelligence can be just as important as developing your emotional intelligence in the upbeat, fun and informational new video seminar.

In the wake of ethical scandal after ethical scandal in the business world, Dr. Weinstein is just what we need to promote values, ethics and accountability in all of our workplaces. He has written several best-selling books and has been featured on shows like Good Morning America and MSNBC. Now, Bruce can bring his knowledge to your organization in the form of this new ethical intelligence video.

Main Training Points:

  • Why it is important to measure your ethical IQ.
  • Ethical intelligence principles and applications.
  • How to give and receive criticism.
  • How apologizing in a sincere way can be powerful.
  • How to use ethical intelligence in every aspect of your life.
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