Employee Free Choice Act Card Sharks

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Educate your employees on the effects of signing union authorization cards. Crucial to the success of your business, this video will expose the truth behind unions as well as the Employee Free Choice Act (or EFCA) and how it will ultimately change the climate and spirit of your work environment.

Under the EFCA, employees would no longer be given the right to vote for or against union representation via secret ballot. Without a secret ballot, employees may feel intimidated or pressured to vote a certain way. And with EFCA, should most employees join the union, the employer would then be mandated to acknowledge and negotiate with the union. Further, arbitration leading to a first contract would be required should management and the union be unable to come to a resolution in less than 120 days. This would mean giving up power and decision making to an arbitrator. In these circumstances, the decision is binding for two years and in most cases does not meet the needs of either side – the employer or employees.

A continuation of the EFCA Card Tricks video, this DVD is highly entertaining - but information packed, Card Sharks clearly identifies the risks employees take when agreeing to sign a union card along with the added dangers imposed by the EFCA.

This video is ideal for new employee orientations, management seminars and human resource or labor relations trainings. 

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