Emotional Branding Leadership, Service & Teamwork Strategies for Creating Sustainable Success with Scott Deming

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95 minutes
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Too many businesses today are looking for the quick sale and worry only about that day, week or months revenue. They view interactions with a customer as just a transaction. Join Scott Deming as he teaches us about another approach. An approach that makes every interaction meaningful and your customers emotional about your products or service. Creating this true fans of your business doesn’t come from advertising and neither does branding. They both come from a caring team who provides extraordinary service…service that goes beyond a simple transaction and becomes a moment that your customers won’t forget. This is where true branding comes from.

Scott Deming is an internationally renowned expert in the areas of team work and service. His business has won numerous awards including “Inspiring business of the year.” Now Scott’s extraordinary wisdom can be yours in this content-heavy video seminar.

Main Training Points:

  • How to turn every purchase into a meaningful moment for your customers.
  • How to expand from just advertising to real branding of your product or service.
  • Develop a work team who generally cares about great service.
  • Make your customers feel emotional about your product or service.
  • Extraordinary Service has been lost…learn how to find it again.
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