Emergency Planning

Prevention of a disaster is almost always the best policy, but some disasters cannot be avoided. Man-made accidents happen all the time and mother nature can throw tornadoes, hurricanes, blizzards, earthquakes and fire storms at you as well. You are liable as an employer for damages and/or injuries that occur during work hours whether mother nature or man is responsible for it. When those incidents occur that are beyond your control you need to have a system in place to not only reduce your liability cost but also save lives. You need an emergency plan to protect your employees and your workplace.  Our emergency planning safety training videos are designed to meet the training required by OSHA standards.

Emergency planning is an essential part of workplace safety and security. All too often people panic in emergency situations and do not know what to do. That is why it is important to have adequate training sessions in case of emergencies for your employees. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) also requires that you as an employer have emergency plans and practices in order. The emergency planning starts with you. OSHA standards lay out guidelines for employers to follow in order to have an acceptable means of evacuation and safety in the workplace. Those guidelines include an emergency action plan that must be put in writing, kept in the workplace and in view for employees to see and review. Those employers with 10 or less workers can also orally instruct their employees on emergency plans. Emergency action plans must include:

  • Procedures for reporting a fire and other emergencies, 
  • Procedures for evacuation, including evacuation type and exit route assignments,
  • Procedures for workers who stay behind to handle critical labor operations before evacuating themselves,
  • Procedures to account for all your employees after evacuation,
  • Procedures for employees that perform medical and/or rescue duties and
  • The name or job title of every employee that can be contacted by other employees when they need more information about the plan or an explanation of their duties in the plan.

The employer must have an emergency alarm system in place that will alert all employees that an emergency has occurred and the action plan must be executed. You must also review the emergency action plan with all employees covered by the action plan. The employer must designate and train their workforce to assist in the safe and orderly evacuation of other employees. 

With all these responsibilities as an employer you can see why emergency planning and training is necessary. It is also beneficial for the employer to maintain the needed workforce which means they must be prepared in case of emergency. You do not want to put your employees and business at risk because of the lack of education when it comes to emergency procedures. That is why TrainingABC.com’s emergency planning training videos are a great source for you and your workers. They help you along the way with all your emergency plan needs. 

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