Electrical Safety

Electricity is the silent killer. Our suite of electrical safety training videos will help you and your employees understand the hazards of electricity. OSHA requires industry businesses to train electrical safety hazard recognition, proper work practices, and electrical hazards encountered in different environments. Electrical safety training is serious business, because mishandled electricity can lead to shocks, burns, and fires.

OSHA also requires electrical safety work practices be integrated into workplace safety training. Ensure your training is up-to-date so your company is in compliance with the Federal regulations. Our electrical safety training videos can meet and exceed the OSHA requirements, teaching the following general awareness topics: electrical hazard recognition, hazard avoidance, personal protective equipment, and treatment of electrical injuries.

In addition to the general safety awareness topics, we also offer videos that tackle the most comprehensive topics including: fuses and circuit breakers, grounding and GFIs, outlets and extension cords, using ladders around electricity, and electrical emergencies. The all-inclusive electrical safety video reminds employees about electrical hazards they may face in their jobs, and it provides critical information they need to safely work near electric hazards. The electrical safety program will assist in satisfying the OSHA training requirements under 29 CFR Part 1910.331 (Electrical Safety Standard) for "non-qualified" employees.

Do you need lock-out/tag-out training for your employees? We offer the perfect solution for training your employees with our electrical safety lock-out/tag-out video. The video explains the OSHA standards for the program and provides employees with everything they need to safely operate a lock-out/tag-out program.

Do not let your employees work around electrical equipment without knowing the associated hazards. Electrical safety videos will help train your staff, so you will be OSHA compliant and reduce workplace injury. Purchase your high quality electrical safety training video here.
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