Drop By Drop - Subtle Discrimination

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In today's workplace, where savvy managers and co-workers are most likely educated on obvious discriminatory and harassing behavior, all too often, such behavior can go underground, becoming covert instead of overt. 

This DVD educates your workforce in "micro inequities," a new term more casually known as "water torture." The concept is in driving someone to the brink of insanity, not with a barrage of injustices, rather with small annoyances, which, like dripping water, become maddening over time.

Otherwise civil people can develop implied attitudes of disrespect toward each other which can ultimately undermine morale and reduce productivity. This video shows how small slights, subtle put-downs, and tiny injustices measured out over time can become hugely destructive in the workplace.

The video begins with an unhappy end: the resignation of a disgruntled employee. The viewers explore the atmosphere in the workplace which was responsible for creating the situation, with the host engaging and challenging the viewer by showing us his perspective of the insensitive behaviors responsible.

The host continues by walking the audience through examples of "micro-inequities" that are easily avoided, and ultimately shares poignant concepts for creating an inclusive and, therefore, more productive environment.

Key Concepts: Consider, Respect, Learn

  • Listen to people. Learn to empathize with them by imagining yourself in their place. Treat them in the way you would want to be treated, and that you know they want to be treated.
  • Value the specific talents of each person without regard to their race, religion, culture, age, or sexual preference.
  • Be open to information about other cultures, and the varied perspectives of your co-workers. Learn to communicate with both kindness and clarity.

Put an end to the disrespectful little barbs that co-workers, knowingly or unknowingly, throw at each other. Raise your employees' awareness of this problem, and use "Drop by Drop" to emphasize the importance of keeping a truly respectful environment.

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