Doing Business in Chile

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43 minutes
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Whether expanding your business to Chile, or traveling there as an employee, you’ll want to prepare to be successful in this market. Without knowledge of the Chilean culture, you can make errors that can embarrass your employer or result in costly delays and a loss of revenue. For your convenience, our company has put all of the information you will need to do business in Chile in this one video. After watching it, you will have knowledge of:

  • The business culture in Chile.
  • Acceptable workplace and office etiquette.
  • Proper greetings.
  • Appropriate thank-you and business gifts.
  • Effective communication.
  • Chilean management style.

Doing business in Chile will present new challenges. Prepare for these changes by educating yourself on Chilean culture and customs. Learn to communicate with peers and potential customers, and properly negotiate business deals and contracts.

Along with the DVD, you will receive support materials including discussion questions and exercises for added learning. 

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