Doing Business in Brazil

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Brazil offers an excellent opportunity for business expansion. If you are looking to go global, consider Brazil, South America’s largest market. To begin conducting business in this region however, you and your team will need to gather as much knowledge as possible to be successful. Our company has done much of the work for you in this video entitled – Doing Business in Brazil. After watching this video you will better understand:

  • The Brazilian business culture.
  • Appropriate/inappropriate business topics.
  • Effective communication skills in this culture.
  • The business climate for negotiations.
  • Brazilian management style.
  • Nuances such as gender differences.
  • The Brazilian professional culture including attire and other do’s and don’ts.

Avoid mistakes that can cause time delays or errors that may result in the loss of revenue. Brazilian practices vary considerably from that of American. Therefore, you will need to learn the laws, customs and practices that will aid you in excelling in the Brazilian market. Along with global businesses, this video can be useful for managers traveling to Brazil for business purposes.

Along with the educational DVD, this package includes supplemental materials such as discussion questions and role playing exercises. 

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