Diversity: The Real Scene

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America has gone far beyond the concept of the melting pot and has become a true polyglot of diverse cultures. This, of course, creates greatly diverse workplaces where it is more important than ever to confront discriminatory employee behaviors and to teach employees how to find common ground with each other, how to manage their own biases and to treat others with respect.

"Diversity: The Real Scene" is a new and innovative DVD program which engages many different workplace scenarios, encouraging viewers to really think about what behaviors are considered discriminatory, and what their personal responsibility is concerning their approach to and treatment of others.

With the aid of this DVD, viewers can begin to sincerely understand the issues of diversity in the workplace, and the effect of their own actions. They will learn strategies for behavior that can help create a more hospitable, and thus a more productive, environment for everyone.

This program has been designed with ultimate flexibility in allowing the facilitator to choose which scenarios are the most appropos and effective for his or her organization.

Once having gone through the course, participants should have the ability to:

  • Explain discrimination laws
  • Manage their biases
  • Find common ground with their co-workers
  • Understand and appreciate their own and others' responsibility in the manner in which they treat their co-workers


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