Diversity Advantage: Food for Thought

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“Diversity Advantage: Food for Thought” is the sequel to “Diversity: Food for Thought.” While the first film’s emphasis was on valuing the differences among employees, this film shows the economic benefit derived from having a diverse workforce.

We arrive at Diversity Diner once again, and talk with the diner’s owner, Dom, along with the waitress, Toni, and Phil, the diner’s cook. We will follow a live discussion between Dom, his employees and patrons, seeing through their eyes how their differences create the strengths required by every organization for growth and success.

This engaging video on diversity will shed light on the topic of “Diversity Advantage” by focusing on the following pivotal points:

  • Diversity: Not a “Trend” but “Reality"
  • Finding Common Ground
  • Accepting Cultural Differences
  • Fostering Open Communication & Constructive Feedback
  • Learning to “agree to disagree,” a lesson in respectful disagreement 


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